3 Paid Internship Programs

For College-level Students

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Summer Internship

Business & Engineering

12-week program · 40 hours per week

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Spring or Fall Co-op


16-week program · During traditional spring or fall semester

40 hours per week

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On-Going Internship


Year-long program · 40 hours per week in summer · 20+ hours per week during spring and fall semesters

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Join Our 'Top 100' Intern Program

There's a reason Valero was named to the 2023 Top 100 Internship Programs List, a national ranking sponsored by WayUp and Yello. Are you ready for a real-world, best-in-class experience? 

The immersive Valero Internship Program is your first step toward a successful career in energy.

Build the skills and competitive edge needed to launch an exceptional career. Competitive benefits, relocation assistance, networking and development are all a part of the plan!



Minority Engineering Summit

Valero's Minority Engineering Summit, which includes a $1,500 education scholarship, is intended for minority college freshmen who are majoring in engineering. Participants are invited to a four-day experience at Valero Headquarters in San Antonio, where they are immersed into the refining business and our Valero culture; participate in career-building and life-skills training; tour a Valero refinery; take part in volunteer and social events; and network with Valero leadership.


Engineering Internships

Preparing engineering students for a Bwin Best Online Betting Site.

Gain expertise and tackle hands-on projects in Valero's world-class refineries and ethanol plants. Be a key collaborator with our teams and leadership as you innovate, execute and advance the future of energy.

  • Gear & Beaker

    Chemical Engineering

    Process Engineering

    This is where skills and passion can drive innovation and excellence! Collaborate with a team of field operators, console operators and unit managers to unlock the secrets of optimization and troubleshooting. Provide technical guidance to propel operations forward, and learn to become an integral part of a team-driven environment.

    Environmental Engineering

    Help ensure reliability and responsible production of Valero’s fuels! Get hands-on experience in our compliance efforts and emissions tracking while managing daily calculations and staying at the forefront of regulatory updates.

    Controls Systems Engineering

    Play a vital role in supporting the critical infrastructure of our operations – our controls and instrument activities. Dive into a world of specialized hardware and software platforms, and gain hands-on experience in their implementation and maintenance. When challenges arise, interns will build troubleshooting expertise to ensure seamless operations and maximum efficiency.

  • Gears icon

    Mechanical Engineering

    Reliability Engineering

    Become a key player in safe and reliable fuel production! Interns work hands-on to investigate equipment operation and maintenance, and analyze performance to enhance reliability. Get ready to implement solutions that drive results, reduce reactive maintenance and move our company forward.

    Project Engineering

    Develop, lead and execute on planning for a diverse range of capital expense and maintenance projects. Interns have a front-row seat to experience timely and efficient project execution as they drive innovation and excellence within our operations. Make a difference in shaping the future of Valero’s projects and the future of our industry.

  • lightbulb and gear

    Electrical Engineering

    Electrical (Power) Engineering

    Help drive safety and reliability within Valero’s industrial power distribution system. Interns develop equipment design specifications, conduct engineering design reviews, and provide essential technical support during startup and commissioning to drive refinery projects forward. Learn to lead electrical reliability improvement initiatives and make a lasting impact Bwin online live casinoon the critical power system behind our refining operations.

    Controls Systems Engineering

    Be a driving force to optimize refinery operations! Interns work at the forefront of cutting-edge process control development and implementation in a plant-distributed control system. Develop innovative options to enhance efficiencies and enhance the performance of important refinery process controls.

    Instrument Engineering

    Gain technical expertise to handle the specification, design, purchase and commissioning of cutting-edge process instruments in a refinery setting. Dive into the world of instrumented systems design, including programmable logic controllers and safety-rated logic solvers. Learn to investigate instrument performance to strengthen reliability within our operations.

  • gear with safety helmet on


    Safety Engineering

    Safety is the foundation of Valero’s success in the energy industry. Interns in this area gain hands-on experience in supporting projects and assessing the safety impact of process changes and chemicals. Develop a trained eye for compliance as you maintain important safety records that demonstrate Valero’s commitment to a safe and secure environment for our employees and our communities.

    Process Safety Engineering

    Play a pivotal role in supporting the development, implementation, review, audit, promotion and revision of Valero’s Process Safety and Risk Management Program. Learn the importance of our safety culture and how we integrate safety processes into everything we do.

  • gear and wrench

    Project Construction

    Step to the front lines of Refinery Turnaround and Capital Project teams during key planning, construction, commissioning and start-up phases. Safety, health and environmental impact evaluation will be a priority as you help oversee equipment and personnel during project execution. Team Valero interns play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and safe execution of refinery projects.

"The idea that I got to come into work every day and make the refinery better was inspiring, and knowing my work will be implemented in the future motivated me to do my best."

Chris K. 2023 Summer Intern - Mechanical Engineering

Business Internships

Preparing business students for a future career in the energy industry.

Use your passion in a range of specialties to explore energy, grow your career and help deliver world-class results.

  • Computer with data on screen

    Information Services (I/S)

    Enterprise System Development (Technical Developer)

    Develop innovative solutions and maintain essential business software used across our global operations. Gain hands-on experience creating innovative solutions that drive efficiency and propel our company forward.

    • Platforms used at Valero include: Java, C#, .Net, bwin casinoSQL Server, Oracle, SharePoint, SAP, ABAP (and others).

    Functional (Business Analyst)

    Collaborate with business units and end-users to understand needs first-hand, and develop innovative technology-based solutions. Use and grow your insights and analytical skills to tackle market challenges head-on. Be part of a team that innovates high-impact solutions for operations and teams across our organization, delivering results that provide a competitive advantage in the energy industry.

    Infrastructure & Operations

    Valero’s digital infrastructure is essential to our global operations. Build frontline expertise as you help design, build and support critical computing resources, including servers, storage, data centers and networks. Gain new perspectives and innovative problem-solving as you create the right digital infrastructure for reliable operations and synergy across multiple business areas.

  • data graphs and barrel icon

    Commercial Supply & Trading

    Be part of a dynamic team at the commercial epicenter of Valero’s supply and trading! Interns who excel in fast-paced, team-driven environments work collaboratively with Valero’s subject matter experts to complete special projects that are ultimately presented to senior management. Internship projects will be assigned from four key areas:

    • Product Supply and Trading: Trade products and manage inventory positions based on the market conditions, forecasts, production schedules and logistic constraints to keep terminals supplied and refineries balanced.
    • Crude Oil Supply and Trading: Generate financial gains by buying and selling barrels of crude to supply the refineries.
    • Transportation (Rail and Marine): Coordinate the most cost-efficient shipping activities between marketing, plants and customers.
    • Wholesale Marketing: Interact with customers and distributors to ensure that refined products are sold into markets that generate the highest profit.
  • sheet of paper and calculator

    Accounting / Audit

    Learn the inner workings of large-scale accounting and audit efforts, applying key concepts and principles in multiple areas to develop the right skills to succeed today in a global business environment.

    The Accounting ongoing internship is a rotation program in which interns are assigned to various departments throughout the internship. The program spans at least a year, with rotations occurring every 6 months. Rotations include positions in the following departments:

    ·         Bulk Finished Product Accounting

    ·         Corporate Audit

    ·         Corporate Tax Accounting

    ·         Ethanol/Refining & Analysis

    ·         International Products Accounting

    ·         Inventory & Yield Accounting

    ·         Sales & Use Tax Accounting

    ·         Secondary Accounting

    ·         Vendor Invoice Management & Analysis

    ·         Wholesale Refined Products Accounting

    ·         SOX Compliance

    ·         Accounting Information Systems

  • people and caring set of hands

    Human Resources

    Play a vital role in supporting the heart of our company – our people! HR Interns are located at our refineries and corporate office and are an essential part of site-specific recruiting efforts, ensuring we attract the best talent to fuel our success. Get hands-on experience and support the development of training materials to empower our workforce with knowledge and skills.

    Develop expertise in the development, review and communication of company practices and policies, fostering a positive work environment. Extract data from various systems and provide basic summary reports on key trends. Assists with designing and administering surveys as needed. Additionally, you'll prepare reports to provide critical insight for informed decision-making.

    HR Interns at our refineries will learn the importance of working with labor union representation, as well as handling personnel issues with professionalism. 

  • legal balance icon


    Legal interns play a crucial role in supporting the preparation and review of vital documents, including pleadings, affidavits, contracts and trial notebooks. Gain hands-on experience attending client meetings, depositions and court hearings alongside in-house and outside counsel representing the company.

    Put legal research skills to work as you explore areas of law and prepare legal communications in close partnership with company representation. Demonstrate excellence in workflow and record-keeping as you maintain and organize important department files.


    • Risk Compliance: Assist with review of company policies, contracts and give policy input for system projects. Prepare and provide support for monthly ROCIP reporting.
    • Claims: Review daily reports to identify potential property recovery matters. Develop, prepare and provide support for system projects and closing of files for storage.
    • Risk Finance: Support website updates, gathering information and data input for system projects and monthly accounting entries.


    Interns in this role draft corporate policies, reviews and assists internal investigations into alleged fraud, waste or misuse of company resources. You will critically analyze complex facts and business processes; such as procurement, disbursement, travel expenses and timekeeping. 


  • communication globe icon

    Communications & Multimedia

    Supporting the voice of a global energy company means developing accurate, compelling content and Bwin online live casinonarratives for a variety of teams. Interns work alongside corporate communications and multimedia experts to support department projects and key internal and external messaging strategies. Learn to execute key assignments and support goals and objectives through multiple communications. Intern roles can be assigned to the following teams:

    • Corporate Communications
    • HR Communications
    • Design Services (Graphics)
    • Multimedia
  • Chart and money symbol


    • Forecasting & Investments: Assist with debt administration and cash forecasting and budgeting. Conduct cash forecasting, budgeting and investment analysis. Support corporate peer and customer financial analysis, ratios and metrics.
    • Wholesale Credit: Reconcile accounts, prepare exposure reports and analyze customers' financials and metrics. Assist with team projects, as needed.

"There is a ton of room to grow here, and everyone wants you to succeed. You get to work on projects that are applicable Right Now and for the future of the company."

Macie S. 2023 Summer Intern - Commercial Supply & Trading

Intern Application Process

Valero Intern Application Process Infographic
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Valero's Culture Values

Our people deserve an exceptional work environment that welcomes new ideas, cultivates creative teams, and promotes a safe, healthy and rewarding career. Valero’s engrained culture values are built on trust and respect, and act as the compass and source of inspiration for everything we do.


Investing in Our Interns

For 26 years, the Valero Intern Program has grown into our primary recruiting vehicle for our dynamic workforce. Internships target high-performing college students who will execute our vision with our support and competitive resources.

  • Competitive pay and relocation assistance
  • Comprehensive health/welfare benefits
  • Training and development
  • Exposure to leadership & industry mentors
  • Valero Intern Symposium
  • Social and community involvement
  • Meaningful, high-impact projects that contribute to Valero’s business
  • Pipeline to full-time job opportunities
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Social Media

From campus visit schedules to glimpses into the intern experience, check out our Intern Program Instagram account to learn more about Valero Internships!

Follow Valero on LinkedIn to see how we're making a difference for our people, Bwin online live casinoour communities and the world of energy.

Employee and Doctor at Valero Wellness Clinic

Employee and Family Wellness

Valero is committed to supporting the health and wellness of our employees, their families and our interns.

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